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Yes sir, they can boogie!
The room was set up like a nightclub with black table cloths, candles and mood lighting. Anyone sitting at the long tables arranged in a semi-circle beyond the dance-floor could see the stage with the grand piano looking, well, rather grand actually.  The music starts and straightway the audience is captivated. Four singers, brass and sax section, guitars and bass with drums central to the stage. We know it’s going to be a great evening, and we are not disappointed. It’s ‘Boogie Me’ for goodness sake! A wonderful evening of entertainment with a song for everyone. Ray Charles, Dusty, Amy, they’re all here. And if at first you don’t think you are going to dance (and you are wrong, by the way) you can just sit and watch the show. OK loads of bands can play the tunes but they don’t all put on the show that we’re seeing from these guys. It’s pure entertainment from start to finish. So if you are one of a crowd or on your own you are going to have a great time. You won’t be in your seat for long, believe me. And it’s not just on-stage that they show their professionalism. Booking was simple and straightforward and we found them most helpful & courteous from planning through to the end of their performance. Just brilliant. We were well and truly boogied and our guests absolutely loved it!


"It was AMAZING FAB MARVELLOUS!!!!!! Thank you, thank you Boogie-Me. Someone has already asked me about you. Super fantastic! Everyone was fab! The Happy Song was out if this world!!!! xxx Katie - organiser of the 'Fanciful Fling' Charlton-On-Otmoor Village Ball."


Thank you to everyone in Boogie Me last night for putting on such a fabulous performance at the Gospel Concert in aid of FollyFest. Not only were the performances note perfect but the beauty of the church lit up by candlelight made it a truly special night.  Thank you also for the many hours you spent, loading and un-loading, cabling and un-cabling, checking and re-checking - not seen by the public but appreciated very much. Thank you.


The Boogie Me gig we attended was enjoyable and great fun - thank you! It was impossible not to dance, jiggle about or tap your toes to the music, and the band engaged the audience brilliantly. The girls looked beautiful and their solos were knock-out... what a smooth and professional performance - it left us all calling out for more!

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